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Existence బతుకు (Tr.ANU BODLA)

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Is existence difficult?

Draw a circle

Around the despair

‘Hope’ circumambulates around it

And stands upright

In front of you.


బతుకు కష్టంగా ఉందా

నిరాశ చుట్టూ

ఓ వృత్తాన్ని గీయి

ఆశ దాని చుట్టూ తిరిగి తిరిగి


నీ ముందు నిల్చుంటుంది






ఆనంద్ వారాల కవిత్వం

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వారాల ఆనంద్ కవిత్వం   

Shores of success

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వారాల ఆనంద్ కవితలు

Shores of success 



Closed or opened
Eyes fetch dreams
Drenched or dried
Tears cleanse the heart
Dawn and dusk
One after the other
Which first arrives,
Who knows?
You or I, who knows
When love starts ?
Where triumph and defeat are
Exhalation and inhalation
Apply time as
Kohl in the eyes and
Flow towards
The shores of success


The song and the singer (tr.Anu Bodla)

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3333వారాల ఆనంద్ కవితలు 

The song and the singer


Immense anguish
Wooden seat
Four wheels
To run or to walk
Only on seat of wheels
Hands turn out to be                        
The oars of the canoe
And lead him
In the stream of people
The wheels like eyes
Become the sails
 And show him the way
In the midst of
Terrible noisy traffic
Looking this way and that
The handcart halts
Anchoring on the road side
A song soaked in sorrow
Like wide waves
Spreads all over there
Neither charm in the tone
Nor note in the tune
Some feature that aims
And touches the heart
Fills life in the song
Languages one or two
Or two together    
Song spreads like a stream 
Hunger or heartache
Or tambourine jingles of
Life’s struggle
Entire heart is perturbed
Time never stops
In the midst of hectic world
Same with the song  
Not only the tone
Still the heart goes dry
With no halt
For even a second
The roads are running
The song
Set in the wild
For the singer
It dawned in the desert


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వారాల ఆనంద్ కవిత్వం

My Son

వారాల ఆనంద్ కవితలు

These many years

I didn’t understand him
Yes, how can anyone
Be understood
Without our attempt
The day he slept on my heart
The day he walked holding my little finger
The day he went to school
With his bag on his shoulder
It was all hugs, kisses and cuddles
What do I understand him then?
In the process of budding
He asked for nothing
Hunting for scores, when
In the competitive world
He walked with splendor
I knew his self confidence
But not what lay within
In his own home
He turned to be a guest
For two times a year
We receive a guest
Make him happy and
Bade good bye, but
Never feel the depth of his heart
Dad, I am coming
Something that nested in the heart
Passed through throat
Even then I didn’t understand
In face book and whatsapp
Caricatures and animation clips
Began to appear
It was like
The clouds before my eyes
Were going apart
A block of ice
Was melting
Everything was clear and unclear
 It was like,
Something I didn’t know before
Becoming obvious
His inner soul appearing
His dreams taking shape
His journey
From space to creativeness
Sorry my dear son,
I thought, you could not be understood
But, I didn’t understand you
 Your dreams and my dreams
Gather together and
Reach higher altitudes
Everyone will understand you
 (The poet’s son suddenly left his engineering studies at his final year and entered the field of animation when he had understood where his interest lay. The poet expressed his feelings about his son)










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Original Telugu:  Varala Aanand

English rendering:  V. V. B. Rama Rao




A river



Without knowledge of

depth or distance

With end unknown



Limitless is grief

Without end is bliss

What is grief

What is bliss

What is a lie?


By bliss I divided


As remainder

Me, my poetry



 With my hands

Grief I embraced

That got soaked in my heart.

With my eyes

I desired rain

It got soaked in mom’s bosom

So what

Like mud from the swaddle

A seed sprouting

From my heart

Slender bliss broke into bud

Always I wish

I know

Only to be my self

I don’t know pretension

Tribulations and tears

I know

Know I


and offering friendliness

For that very reason

I cannot be like anyone else.


Marking Time for Imagination

The Sun and Moon witnesses

Time goes on

In life

Remains experience alone

Darkness and emptiness

Would horrify limitlessly

But from there alone

Light and creation begin.

With introductions and greetings

Passes all the day!!!

Is it not with friendship alone

That life is filled.


Many thoughts

Swarm like honey creepers

All letters heaped up

With no meaning, no aardrata*


We think of speaking so many things

About you and about me

What remains how much we speak

Except when it is about us or people.

*aardata can not be translated into one word.  It is the felling of compassion, ‘wetness’ of the manas, mind-heart




Flow is truth eternal

Movement a reality

Life is ever moving


But if asked what sorrow is

In the flow of the heart’s beat

The rhythm between ‘lub’ ‘dub’

Is it not part of life


In the movement

If there is a moment of pause

Before us would stand stativity and emptiness

That is the state of nothingness

No way to move

No way to stir

One feels like walking miles and miles

Running fast briskly

Feels like meeting all

Feels like becoming all


Inability to do all that wish to do

Helplessness to be like what we wish to be

More sorrow and grief than DEATH


Bits of Light

Like a flower blossoming

Like mist falling

Like a cloud enveloping

Darkness in the room

Darkness alone with eyes open or shut


This darkness

If slightly subsides it would be fine

A ray of light for a moment

I would have seen where it is.


This darkness

Though not very clear

Enough for me giving a repose

I’d have seen if the flower outside has blossomed

If the pearls of mist shone or no

River opening the eyes

Whether seen looked at the earth or no

I would have come seeing


Two bits of light fell down

Eyes got a little life breath

Those pieces of light

I took into my hand

Though it knows not about the room,

Dispersed totally is the darkness in me