The song and the singer (tr.Anu Bodla)

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3333వారాల ఆనంద్ కవితలు 

The song and the singer


Immense anguish
Wooden seat
Four wheels
To run or to walk
Only on seat of wheels
Hands turn out to be                        
The oars of the canoe
And lead him
In the stream of people
The wheels like eyes
Become the sails
 And show him the way
In the midst of
Terrible noisy traffic
Looking this way and that
The handcart halts
Anchoring on the road side
A song soaked in sorrow
Like wide waves
Spreads all over there
Neither charm in the tone
Nor note in the tune
Some feature that aims
And touches the heart
Fills life in the song
Languages one or two
Or two together    
Song spreads like a stream 
Hunger or heartache
Or tambourine jingles of
Life’s struggle
Entire heart is perturbed
Time never stops
In the midst of hectic world
Same with the song  
Not only the tone
Still the heart goes dry
With no halt
For even a second
The roads are running
The song
Set in the wild
For the singer
It dawned in the desert

One thought on “The song and the singer (tr.Anu Bodla)

    veereswar said:
    March 10, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    Heart touching


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