Thunder – Lightning

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Advent of raindrop
Announces in advance

As water layer on sea-surface
Evaporated and rose up like fog
The clouds so formed
Having wandered here and there in the sky
Came together
And turned dark

With mirth and warmth
Having hugged one another
Those clouds condensed and are cascading like pearl strings

Like love longing to reach out to the lover
They are love-liaising
Between the earth and the sky

Cooling the air
Alongside nature
They are touching men
With moisture of love

Sustains life
Sows love

Sprouts in a sighted eye
Shimmers on a sensible neck

Stands as a canopy of droplets

Watching the voyage of a droplet
The lightning expresses its joy for a moment


Jernail S Aanand on ‘SIGNATURE OF LOVE’

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Friends, pl read a review on my book ‘SIGNATURE OF LOVE” by Dr.Jernail S Aanand, Ambassador at World Union of Poets – Unione Mondiale dei Poeti and Chairman at Writers International (Professor of English,ENGLISH AUTHOR, POET, SCHOLAR, COLUMNIST, ENVIRONMENTALIST, AND MORAL PHILOSOPHER)
I am honored by these words, Thank you very much Dr.Jernail S Aanand sir.very kind of you.

Jernail S Aanand 

 SIGNATURE OF LOVE by Varala Anand

Thanks Varala Anand for sharing with me this beautiful collection of poetry …Telugu poetry translated by Anu Bodla. The poet‘s sleek voice raising it’s concerns over several issues. The poems which stick to memory are Endeavour and Pondless Town.Even Book Shelf impresses. In the poem Poetry he paints a beautiful picture of somebody going out of the room…peeping through the windows and coming in noiselessly….


I lighted a candle.
The darkness in the room
Bowed her head and
Walked out silently.

Through the windows and ventilators
She began to peep in now and then
In a while the candle
melted and extinguished

The darkness
Entered the room.


I know sorrow and poetry are twins


Flows out of eyes
It’s sorrow
Soaks in the heart
It’s spirit
Sorrow has no bounds
Spirit has no grounds
It’s all water.


My silence is a storm
It has settled at cross roads..
We wish to leave silence
And speak a few words
I think
Than many futile words
Silence is eloquent.


Today my land
Breathing it’s freedom
Moving towards
The shores of happiness…
Let this journey of excitement
Lead us towards reconstruction
And experience new springs.


Alas! We realised
In a Pondless town
Even tears are scarce.

They can neither be renovated
Nor restored
Our Pondless town
Dry in all seasons
Burns like a blazing desert.

This poem which rounds off this journey through Varala Anand’s book takes a dig at growing civilization and dwindling life systems. From joy to struggle this is our movement. We have yet to realise the loss is too great and the gain too meagre.

I congratulate Varala Anand for this beautiful work for the simple reason that it provides good company in vacant hours. Best wishes and I must say Anu Bodla too impresses.



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Release function of book ‘SIGNATURE OF LOVE’

Rhythm (POEM)

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Poetry at home

And panorama of the world

Are like oxygen.


For decades

I’ve been running between

The home and the world

My friend,

For me, it appeared

Home in the universe and universe at home

My heart danced in rhythm


Where have those days gone?(poem)

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Wake up with the morning star

Start with the daily chores

Speak to the people and

Share with the neighbours

Fun was all ours

Where have those days gone?


How are you and how do you do?

Greetings and salutations

Not in facebook likes

Not in whatsapp shares

Everything was face to face

Where have those days gone?


Light a lamp at twilight

Take a gulp of porridge

Lie down under the sky

Count the stars and hum the tunes

Time was all ours

Where have those days gone?


Long nights and longer sleeps

No fantasies, no failures

No talking in dreams

Everything was under control


Love and friendship

Prevailed in true sense

In good and bad times

We had people around

Where have those days gone?



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Whether sorrow is in me

Or I am in sorrow

I don’t know, like my poetry

In between the earth and the sky

In between me and my soul

They both adhere to me

I may walk step by step

Wheel of life may rotate and rotate

Going back and forth

They adhere to me like a lubricant

My sorrow and my poetry

Beneath a tree or eaves

Either morning or evening

Either I stand or walk

They follow me like a shadow

On a road or on a paper

I keep walking

One foot on ground and the other in thoughts

Ever they adhere to me

I know

Poetry and sorrow are twins


దుఖం నాలో ఉన్నదో

నేను దుఃఖంలో వున్నానో

నాకు తెల్వదు నా కవిత్వం లాగే

భూమికీ ఆకాశానికి మధ్య

నాకూ నా అంత రంగానికీ మధ్య

అంటి పెట్టుకునే వుంటాయి

అడుగుతీసి అడుగు వేసినా

బతుకు చక్రం ముందుకో వెనక్కో

గిర గిరా తిరిగినా

కందెన లాగా అంటిపెట్టుకునే వుంటాయి

దుఖమూ కవిత్వమూ

చెట్టు కిందో చూరుకిందో

ఉదయమో సాయంత్రమో

నిలబడ్డా నడచినా

నీడలా అంటిపెట్టుకునే వుంటాయి

రోడ్డు మీదో కాగితం మీదో

నడుస్తుంటా నా

ఒక అడుగు నెల మిద మరోటి ఆలోచనల్లో

నన్ను అంటి పెట్టు కునే వుంటాయి

నాకు తెలుసు

దుఖమూ కవిత్వమూ కవలపిల్లలని


The Grief


As though black clouds cast over

As though in a storm of dust

The wind on the road

Spin and spin and inundated

The grief hit me


As though the waves of the sea spiraled

Like a storm and drenched

As though all the leaves of trees

Fell in a heap

The grief encompassed me


Hands to move

Legs to walk

Eyes to cry – all of them

As though covered by layers of sand

As though stuck behind the bars

The grief encompassed heart

Controls the thoughts


The walking chariot came to a halt

The directions on the way disappeared

All the hopes collapsed



Time has a healing medicine

I have a way of

sprouting again and again


Slicing the clouds of the sky

Setting the waves of the sea

Like a great tree that doesn’t waver

Even in a whirlwind, I stood


Eyes that drooped in tears

Turned to be sun and moon

The grief beneath the layers of heart

Got centered

Life again

Took a new road


దు:ఖం కేంద్రీకృతమయింది


ఆకాశం లో కమ్ము కున్న నల్ల మబ్బుల్లాగా

గాలి దుమారం లో రోడ్డు మిద గాలి

సుడి దిరిగీ దిరిగీ

ముంచు కొచ్చినట్టు దుఖం నా మిద దాడి చేసింది


సముద్రం లో అలలన్నీ సుళ్ళు తిరిగి తిరిగీ

తుఫాను గా ముంచెత్తి నట్టు

చెట్ల ఆకులన్నీ రాలి కుప్ప బడ్డట్టు

నన్ను దుఖం మొత్తంగా ఆవరించేసింది


కదలడానికి చేతులూ

నడవడానికి కాళ్ళూ

ఏడి చేందుకు  కళ్ళూ.. అన్నీ

ఇసుక పొరల కింద కమ్మేసినట్టు

ఇనుప చెరల కింద బంది అయినట్టు

మనసంత ఆవరించిన దుఖం

ఆలోచనల్నీ నియంత్రిస్తోంది



నడుస్తున్న రథం నిలిచిపోయింది

తోవ మిద దిక్కులు అదృశ్యం అయిపోయాయి

ఆశలన్ని కుప్ప కూలిపోయాయి




కాలానికి మరుపు మలాం తెలుసు

నాకేమో మళ్లీ మళ్లీ మొలకెత్తే

వాటం తెలుసు


ఆకాశంలో మబ్బుల్ని ముక్కలుగా నరికేసి

సముద్రం లో అలల్ని సరి చేసి

సుడిగాలి లో చెదరని మహా వృక్షం లా



నదులై వాలిపోయిన కళ్ళు

సూర్య చంద్రులయినాయి

మనసు పొరల అడుగున ఆవరించిన

దు:ఖం కేంద్రీకృతమయింది

బతుకు మళ్లీ

కొత్త దోవలోకి మళ్ళింది